this creature is REAL!
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Thread: this creature is REAL!

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    this creature is REAL!

    i was wondering if byron of anybody else has come across this unique and rare creature.

    my wife buys more hand guns than shoes.

    every 3 or 4 weeks shes buying another gun.

    its amazing to me.
    shes a heckava good shot too. so, of course, thats pretty darn sexy.

    anybody else have to live with this blessing?

    oh, she can cook too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p3atnewb
    indeed... most of us can only dream of adventurous wives... closest thing was an ex from about 5 years ago lol... which then, most anything seemed adventurous...
    Try an adventerous 23 year old with a VERY interesting background. 31 years younger than I am... but I'm no longer dreaming. Don't let the roses fool you.

    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... Oswald was a fag. - McManus
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    this thread has been "edited" by mr surveyor. I can't beleive I waited so long. If byron himself hadn't requested the clean-up I would have probably snapped in another day or so.


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