First time shooting my new KSG - some thoughts
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Thread: First time shooting my new KSG - some thoughts

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    First time shooting my new KSG - some thoughts

    I was finally able to get out to shoot my new KSG. Before shooting it, I did some upgrades/tweaks. They include:
    • Tasco PDP-4 red-dot sight. It's a 40mm tube with a large 10 MOA dot.
    • Surefire flashlight
    • Handguard to keep my hand from going too far forward.

    Ahead of time I decided on Federal Tactical Reduced Recoil #1 Buck. It looks like a great compromise of good sized shot and easier to shoot than the "regular" round.

    Overall, I like the gun. It's new manufacture, so some of the things I had been hearing about as negatives I didn't encounter, such as sensitivity to easy stroking the slide instead of hard stroking. I used smooth and easy strokes and had no issues at all. I also liked the patterns I was getting. I was shooting at a two-foot wide tree stump about 50 yards away (only thing I could shoot at at this outdoor range - long story), and the impact patterns looked to be about three feet max, maybe less.

    I was surprised at how hard the gun kicked. I understand that it's a function of the bullpup design. I'm sure I won't notice it in a self defense situation, but my shoulder is a bit bruised. I also had an issue with the handguard, because it concentrated the recoil on my left index finger. I think I'll need to get a vertical pistol grip.

    I'm happy with the gun. It's safely stored, loaded with 6+6 of the Federal #1 Buck, waiting for the bad guy to make a mistake in picking my house.

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    Glad to hear it’s working well I am thinking of buying one

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    I am getting a bit older and my shoulder did not like to many rounds in a row so I installed this and it really made it enjoyable to shoot as far as I am concerned

    I used the Keltec Limbsaver recoil pad.

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