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    Just joined from PA

    Got used P11 for Christmas and took out to the range for 1st time over the weekend and did not hit paper. I’m scratching my head as to why. Need some insight please

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    Hi! How familiar are you with DAO triggers specifically and subcompact hand guns in general? Not to imply anything negative to either firearm or user here, only that both can take some serious getting used to and neither on its own will be as easy to hit with as a full sized model, let alone a subcompact with a long’ish DAO trigger.
    Not that there couldn’t be other issues at play such as a rear sight that has moved or gotten loose. My personal experience with the P11 is that if I focus on it well I can shoot it decently at what I’d deem intended ranges; out to about 10 yds. If I give it to someone not familiar with it I will see them off the paper at 7-10 yds and complaining about both the trigger and recoil. I don’t personally find either of those attributes all that bad for a gun of this size and weight class.
    Then if they want to try a real punisher of a baby gun I hand them a Grendel P10 in .380. That thing weighs the same but is slightly smaller, bites the thumb bone, and has a really tough DAO trigger. An LCP is easier to manage!
    My point is, move closer to the target and try to get used to the P11. I think it’ll get easier once you master the trigger, which on mine at least isn’t gritty or creepy. But being small is easy to make the gun twist in your grip as you pull through the break. There have been some threads on the forum addressing the addition of heat shrink tube to the trigger or a piece of pencil eraser glued behind it to limit over travel.
    Best of luck getting it sorted out and I hope you will like your P11!

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