I’m so green, you’d think I was a leprechaun
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Thread: I’m so green, you’d think I was a leprechaun

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    I’m so green, you’d think I was a leprechaun

    Hey all
    I’m from NY and I bought a KSG-NR (Compact) w/factory fore grip and taclight. I always wanted a shotgun, and after seeing the one in John wick I looked into its legality, and lo and behold, its legal in all 50...right on!

    I’m a NYer but I’m republican and think the 2nd amendment is there for a reason, but most other NYers that are law abiding don’t agree. I don’t really care what my neighbor thinks when I’m in the voting booth, why should I care when I’m at the range.

    So i got it mainly to shoot slugs at the firing range. Sounds boring? I guess, i dont know what else/where else you can legally shoot in NY, like in the woods or whatever (maybe that’s what hunting season is for lol?)

    Anyway, I’m green man. I know very little about firearms in general, although Ive shot handguns, rifles, and a shotgun, they always belonged to my relatives out of state (Arizona).

    So i bought it, i put on mag pull MBUS gen 2 front and rear sights, and a hard shell case, and thast about all I’m gonna get (i dont want any laser or optics).....

    I think ill need a cleaning kit? Can someone recommend me a cleaning kit for the KSG?

    And as a brand new 38 year old first time firearm owner, is there anything else I should know or buy with my transfer (getting it Halloween) so I’m gettin ready!! Lol

    I really use to love archery but I’m older and I’m just trying a new hobby as well as something I can use for home self defense if need be god forbid

    Any advice is helpful, and please dont tell me I’m too old too start this hobby, because i heard it from so many people, and i dont care, so i think anytime to learn something is fine.....idk why my age was an issue in another group but i was told maybe i should find another hobby to get into this late in life? Maybe they were busting my balls?

    Anyway hello and thanks for any reco

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    Hello- I read your post and felt compelled to offer a reply. I’m pretty sure they were just busting your ba** and if not then Im sorry your first experience on a shooters forum wasn’t a good one.

    Reading your post I think you come across as someone who is humble and realistic about your own knowledge limitations and eager to seek out more. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. We all started out knowing nothing at some point.

    Im prior USAF and have a little knowledge on firearms. Have owned/shot many shotguns, pistols, AR’s over the years. I don’t own a KSG (I do own an RFB- that’s why I saw your post) so I can’t be of too much help. I can offer up some generalized advice that might be of some use.

    I don’t think the KSG has any specific issues requiring a specialized cleaning kit for it and there are plenty of videos online covering disassembly, cleaning, lubricating etc. Any good rated shotgun cleaning kit off of Amazon, Walmart, EBAY should do fine for your first/only gun. My advice is to find one that’s on the affordable side, see how you like your new hobby and if you do then you can invest in a good/quality Universal Cleaning Kit. Overall it’ll probably save you money & space and give ya a head start on what ya need for your next gun. LOL

    Be mindful of your off hand on the KSG, as I’m sure you’re aware of, the Bull Pup design puts your off hand in close proximity to the barrel.
    I know you said that it came with a foregrip so that’s good- just ensure it’s mounted securely and properly.
    Most injuries have been attributed to foregrip or hand stop failures.

    Anyhow, sorry so long and you are 1000% right that you are never too old to learn something new. I hope your new KSG is a blast to shoot and you do end up gaining a new hobby. An expensive hobby LOL. Best of luck!

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