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    Old retired military guy

    Hi my name is Terry Moore. I am living in Port Angeles Washington. Love all shooting sports and all outdoor activities . Drive a Ford pickup and own several kel tec pistols. Retired from the Air Force after a stint in the army..

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    Well, at least you wound up in the right outfit!!! I"m retired Air Force - of course I retired 42 years ago. LOL If you ever visit Iowa give me a yell!!

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    Glad to hear from both of you and 'salute.'
    I don't visit forums often, even though I do read this one, so there's a lot I haven't heard.
    I have three bothers-in-law who were in the Air Force, two retired. All of them Viet Nam and post. Not everybody can be a Coasty.
    My decease Daddy was a Sea Bee in the Pacific, my step dad was retired Air Force, Army Air Corp. Flew out of North Africa and Italy. I'm very proud of all of them.
    And I will admit it was my step dad and oldest brother in law that influenced me to go into Coast Guard aviation...a culmination of influences. I was an AD.
    I used to have a Ford pickup (wish I still did) and have a couple of Kel-Tec pistols and an SU16c. I love all of them.
    I had wanted and finally bought a P3AT a year or two ago. I have carried a P11 and still do, for over 10 years.
    Anybody who is a Kel-Tec fan probably realizes that Kel-Tec really started the trend to ultra concealable firearms. I saw this years ago.
    The P3AT is the smallest (thus most concealable) pistol that exists with an acceptable fire power to save your life. I know, there are arguments about that. However, you just have to look at the myriad of 380 acps on the market now. I rest my case.
    My P11, nothing to compare as far as I'm concerned. Find another 9mm with 11 rounds capacity with its minimal dimensions. There aren't any.
    Dependability? We've all heard the bombastic criticisms of Kel-Tec in general. I've never had a failure in any of my Kel-Tecs. That's a fact. Those elitists talking smack have never owned a Kel-Tec.
    Sure there are exceptions. That's why they have warranties. But my experience keeps me a confident Kel-Tec owner.
    I hope everyone else enjoys their Kel-Tecs as much as I do.
    I didn't mean to be so long winded. But you guys and my infrequent posting prompted me to pay tribute to you and Kel-Tec.

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