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Thread: New Members - READ THIS!

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    KTRangePro rctxag's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Ha. I'm safe. I don't qualify as an Old Fart yet -- closer to just Fart.

    Midi, can you change me from "Junior Member" to "Fart" please?

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    Oct 2004
    I'm lurkin' and learnin'
    When I know something, I'll post!


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    Redneck Country

    we are all learning

    don't be afraid to post a question or comment anytime. There are no dumb questions or comments here. We are all learning. Keep reading and you'll see some of the biggest posters learn something everyday. I do.
    Older Than Dirt and Dumber Than A Geico CaveMan Hidden Content

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    anyone see the latest member, "farrow is an asswipe"?
    who's farrow, and whats so bad about him?

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    Is it bad to be an asswipe?

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    Sep 2004

    my sorta first post......sorry

    Howdy All,

    I didnt read the directions well when I first signed up and I just had to go off and make my first post where I wasnt supposed to. I appologize for that and I thank you for not banning me. I don't get a chance to get on the computer as often as I'd like between work and school (and sleep), but I know its been longer than 7 days since I signed up so please excuse me for that too. Aren't I gettin off to a great start.

    Anyway, my name is Carson and I'm in College Station, TX. Transfering from a feeder community college to Texas A&M next semester. I'm new to Kel-Tecs, but have been thouroughly impressed. I'd like to thank all yall for sharin your experiences so the rest of us can learn what to do (and what not to do ).

    Once again, sorry for the screw up


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    Aug 2004
    When I'm on my own gnomes tell me to start fires.

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    Nov 2004

    New and been lurking to learn

    Hello everybody,
    Bryan from north of Dallas here. H and A stands for Horses and Airplanes, my 2 passions. I am a pilot and owner of a Cessna and a few horses. I work in aviation and just bought my first automatic (P-11). I completed the CCW course and waiting my permit. Not gun savvy so I'm learning more than I can comprehend. Deciphering the abbv and lingo is the biggest challenge. But, surprisingly some is starting to make sense. I know i'll ask questions soon that may seem simple to some ppl and catch flack for it, so here I am early to take my punches now and get it over with. This site quickly made it to the top of my fav list. Thanks everyone.

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    KTranger hickoryswitch's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    A black and white in your rear view mirror.

    New guy

    Hello Kel-Tec fans,

    I really enjoy this forum. I have used several of your posts to update my P-11. ( my favorite off- duty weapon )
    Thanks for all of the great information.


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    Nov 2003
    H and A,
    I'll bet the Dallas/Fort Worth area has grown quite a bit since I last wandered through there twenty years ago. Planes, horses, and guns sounds like a good life - sorta Will Rogers style. Welcome to the forum.

    Are you a branch off of Andrew Jackson's family tree? My mother used to talk about hickory switches - it's a tarheel thing.

    Best regards to both ya'll, Keys 8)
    I warned him about that blind dog bourbon.

    Won't you help KeysBear become an ex-patriate in Belize? Your small monthly donation will keep him stocked with Bacardi and hire a full time housekeeper.

    Overheard in 2016: "Grandpa! Grandpa! Tell us again about freedom, what was it like?" (Oh well, welcome to 2020 I was only four years off when I said 2016 twelve years ago)
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