full mag or live bullet carry?
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Thread: full mag or live bullet carry?

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    Oct 2008

    full mag or live bullet carry?

    id like to know who carries with a live round in the chamber and who doesnt

    im a little torn on the subject due to the fact the the only saftey on the pf-9 is the long trigger pull

    please let me know your thoughts


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    To be honest .. it depends how I carry it. If I holster it I have one in the chamber and if it is in my back pocket I don't.

    Just me

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    hey thanks

    anybody else wanna chime in?

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    There was already a thread that addressed this concern. Click here to view it.

    As always, though, it never hurts to ask, and your thread may have some new people responding that were not around during the first discussion.

    I hope that this is helpful to you.
    Self defense is not a part-time job!

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    huge help

    thank you thank you

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    Full clip with an empty chamber during the day while im at home. One in the chamber when i go to sleep. I dont have my ccw yet but when i do it will have one in the chamber at all times
    damn this snow is cold.

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    I will NOT carry without a round in the chamber. If you pocket carry, get a pocket holster to cover the trigger and don't have anything else in the pocket! And pocket carry, by nature, is generally a slow retrieve.

    In a mugging situation you will have no more than a second or two to draw your weapon, and that's if you are aware enough to see the attack develop. You will not have time to rack a round into the chamber in a real stress situation. Most concealed carry methods cause difficulty of one type or another in clean presentation. Cover garments have to be pushed aside, retention straps on some holsters have to be released, all types of time consuming manuevers. Having to charge the gun costs even more time that may not be available.

    If you don't trust yourself carrying a semi-auto cocked and locked, get a DAO or DA/SA wheel gun, but keep the darned thing charged. If you are responsible enough to be legal to carry, you have a responsibility to yourself and those you would protect to keep your weapon as ready as possible...always!

    Remember, when mere seconds count, the police are only minutes away! (I love that quote)

    just my opinions, as always.

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    North Georgia, USA

    I always have a round in the chamber as well.

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    good stuff

    thanks everybody

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    Junior KTranger
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    out back oregon
    Unless i missed something here, the purpose of a ccw is to keep yourself and those around you alive. If anybody thinks they are fast enough to rack one in the chamber in a life or death situtation, they are either superman, ... or delusional. blue
    The first shot is the only one that counts

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