Like some of you, I purchased one of the first KSGs at a nice premium. At the time I found it to be less reliable than I would have liked but still loved the gun. The innovation of this shotgun is fantastic but I believe there is an aftermarket product that could be a nice addition to the comfort and even aesthetic to the KSG.

One item I am surprised that has not been improved upon is the reduction of recoil. We know that the simplest way is to use a pad on the stock. The LimbSaver is a great product but I am not a fan of the slip on version. Currently they do not have a KSG version but I believe we can change this but it would take the KSG owner community.

I would like to propose a group buy to ensure LimbSaver SVL would get their investment back on the creation of this custom product. Their products have great reviews and are touted felt recoil by up to 70%. I would be happy at 40%+

My background is manufacturing clothing and products for Police and Military. I know this can be done and Im willing to work with SVL to make it happen but I need everyones support.

If I can get a show of support and then follow up with a pre-order once svL confirms they will make this for us we can do a preorder. I have sent them an introductory email with my credentials and request for a conversation but it would help if I had backing from the community.

Please reply if you would be willing to buy one on a pre-order group buy. My guess is that it would cost up to the retail price of $42.

I look forward to hearing how you guys feel about this.

BTW/ I would want to personally introduce myself to the head moderator so he or she can evaluate me and establish a level of trust.[/B][/B]