Concealed carry 101
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Thread: Concealed carry 101

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    Concealed carry 101

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    Good tips, except the dry-firing bit... he doesn't seem to be familiar with Kel-Tec and their inertial firing pin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by banana380
    Good tips, except the dry-firing bit... he doesn't seem to be familiar with Kel-Tec and their inertial firing pin...
    What is the "inertial firing pin" and why is that a factor when dry firing? Just wanting to learn more

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    I don't know what an Inertial Firing Pin is but you should use Snap Caps when you Dry Fire.
    And you should Dry Fire a lot.

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    An inertial firing pin is one which is not in direct contact with the striking mechanism and the primer at the same time.

    The hammer strikes the firing pin, transferring it's energy to it. The firing pin then leaves the striking surface of the hammer, traveling forward to strike the primer.

    A good example of a non-inertial, or direct, firing pin would be a revolver. With a revolver, the firing pin is either mounted in the frame and relies on a transfer bar to make contact with the hammer, or the firing pin is directly mounted to the hammer. In either case, if you open or remove the cylinder, depending on whether it is single action or double action, and pull and hold the trigger, you will see that the firing pin will protrude from the frame as long as you are holding down the trigger.

    To see the inertial firing pin in action:
    Remove the barrel from the slide on your Kel-Tec, and re-install the slide without the barrel. While holding the slide in the position it is usually in when firing, look at the firing pin hole through the open ejection port while you pull and hold the trigger.

    You will see that the firing pin will protrude from the slide for a brief moment, and then retract back into the slide. It may even be too fast for you to see.
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    Well done.You have done a great job.Accept my best wishes.

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    I will definitely visit this site again because i learned a lot and got very helpful information from your blog.Thanks for sharing.
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