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Thread: What's a threat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazman View Post
    As I've always been told.... Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    Great Article. Stuff like this makes this a Forum site worth staying in touch with.
    Thanks for the kind words.

    The original post certainly crystallized some of my thinking, especially regarding how quickly to respond.
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    Hi everyone! I am new in this forum.I think it should be in General Carry as well. Here's what I think. I am 6'1 and 269-272 depending on what I ate for lunch and if I pooped afterwards. I would say a little cracked out white boy walks up weighing maybe 150lbs soaking wet with a knife and says he's going kick my ass. I have two options I feel may work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uhill View Post
    Boy, all of this is fairly intimidating to me.

    I'm 6-4, 320 lbs, and have been told I look like a Russian Mafia hit-man, but I'm really the biggest pansy you know. If someone decides they want what I got, they are likely to bring a crowbar or worse to come and get it.

    From reading these laws, and from what I've heard from the news, hearsay, etc, it seems like I just have to take the beating and give up my stuff, because if I try to use deadly force, even though I genuinely fear for my life, no one will believe me, and I'd be the one hauled off to the hooscow.

    I understand the laws are designed to even the odds for everyone, but they seem to be putting an honest big fella like myself at a disadvantage.
    I am with you uhill. 6'3" 317 with bald head and full beard. My own Mom just told me today that I look scary. I sure hope I never have to defend my life or family/property with deadly force and be judged due to my size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pocketgun View Post
    Here is what Nevada says:
    "Before the mortal blow was given"

    When was this written? In 1798?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimKelTecP3ATOmaha View Post
    I am with you uhill. 6'3" 317 with bald head and full beard. My own Mom just told me today that I look scary. I sure hope I never have to defend my life or family/property with deadly force and be judged due to my size.
    I'm 6'3", 250 pounds, and am well prepared to defend myself in court should the unfortunate need arise. I have saved several news and magazine articles as well as raw video and news clips that demonstrate just how quickly a robbery can become a murder, or at least an attempted murder.

    I also have saved pictures of the results of assaults with weapons other that firearms: Knives, bats, screwdrivers, metal pipes, etc.

    I also have a well documented back problem that prevents me from effectively going toe to toe with even a smaller, weaker opponent, even though I usually show no signs of it.

    The standard is that your actions must be congruent with the actions of a reasonable person in the same situation, with the same knowledge. I am reasonably sure that I will be able to pass that standard.

    As a side note: I recently was in a debate with someone about an armed robbery that occurred at a local ATM. Someone else stated that the "men" that perpetrated the robbery should have been shot like dogs. The person with who I was arguing stated that we must remember that they are people too, and that they most likely had a rougher upbringing and/or financial situation than the rest of us. I stated that they were predators, and should be treated as such. In conclusion of my interaction with her, I asked if she knew what the difference was between an armed robbery and a murder. She replied that it was obvious: In a robbery no one dies. I told her that she was wrong. The difference between an armed robbery and a murder is less than 1/2 of an inch.
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    If someone calls me a 'creepy ass cracker' I may feel I'm about to get 'Trayvoned' so I'll be ready to defend myself.

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    If you are really interested in an answer to the question posed in post #1 I suggest you get a copy of this book, it is a good reference for not only Florida, but explains about federal laws which can get you three years mandatory jail, and guess what it cannot be undone, no parole, so three years you will do. So the next time "road rage" hits you and you just think about waving your gun, well enjoy your three year vacation. Chapter eleven of the book below explains what is trying to be ascertained in this thread.

    e.g. Someone hits you, you have a golf club in your hands, you plan on striking back so you swing the club, aannnntt you lose, you have just used excessive deadly force and are the guilty party and subject to arrest now. but, if you had used the club to just push the guilty party away, you would have probably been okay. So you have pushed the one away which hit you first, he gets mad and now pulls out a knife, well now you can strike with the club. There are numerous fine lines to be aware of, when resorting to deadly force and excessive deadly force.

    For CCW in Florida there is a very good book written by a prominent attorney in the field, which is well worth the money. I have about four copies and one is very dog-eared and marked up. AND no I do not get anything from this book
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