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Thread: A police encounter today

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonedog View Post
    I've been a LEO since the 1980s. Never felt the need to disarm an honest citizen whether they had a CCL or not. And for sure not before Texas had legal concealed carry. Why would a man with any sense disarm a member of his own team. STOOPID. Cops who do this routinely are poster boy hoplophobes who I am embarrassed to have to be associated with. They really do need to get a clue or get out of the profession. CCLs are unconstitutional anyway. No free citizen needs to carry a little piece of plastic to exercise a God-given, irrevocable right.

    Way too many poster boys these days and not near enuff peace officers. Poster boy as in poster boy for those who should not be allowed to carry a badge and a gun.
    Thank you kind Sir, your take on this is much appreciated.
    Knarren und Zigarren!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stogies View Post
    Thank you kind Sir, your take on this is much appreciated.
    I would like to second this comment.There are good officers and there are Great ones.
    As a normal civilian now, i see allot of uniforms who dont belong. Many of my colleaugues are now officers, and care about protecting the public as opposed to accusing the public.

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