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Thread: Best Bullet Weight for P-11

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    All the tests I've seen or read, in GENERAL, heavier bullets get the best penetration, they don't get the best expansion, but if they did expand more, I guess the penetration would suffer. It seems faster bullets expand more which limits the penetration, which makes sense, the larger the diameter, the more force needed to push, so everything else being equal, less penetration. Penetration seems to be the important performance, if the bullet expands to the size of a golf ball, but only penetrates an inch, it'll hurt like hell, but likely won't be a 'man stopper'. Gotta get in deep to get to the 'good stuff'.

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    i been using the 124/125 rn cast lead in my two p11. works well. also used some 124 fmj bullets in them. worked well also.

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    what are you loading the 124 cast bullets with?

    I was thinking about trying hardcast or the Berry's plated, but as I understand it they need to stay under 1150-1200 fps to keep from melting in the barrel. Probably not an issue with 124's though.



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    I've done some denim/water jug testing and found that not all will expand out of my P-11. The Cor Bon 115 gr. +P expand reliably but fragment. Speer 124 gr. +P Short Barrel open consistantly and feed 100%. I've had poor results with 147 gr. Speer and Ranger T, which work great in my XD9.

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    I like the 102 grain Golden Sabre at +P velocities...seems to hit POA okay.

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