Gun digest books
Trade paperback
copyright 2015
Philip P Massaro

This is the new edition with the latest trends, and has a catalog of components, and equipment from most of the major brands. The information half has full color clear and bright photos. the catalog section has clear B&W photo's
The editor has a number of books on the art and science of reloading. I enjoyed the read There are a number of specialized sections that have no interest for me. So I skipped them.
16 featured stories, on wild cats, ackley,s parent cases, classic hunting revolvers. Along with stuff for beginners and old hands.
There are two book excerpts, and metallic and shotshell reloading catalogs.
It can seem a little pricey At the suggested retail of $34.99. But on the ZON with prime it was around $26.99 Gun Digest has stuff on sale right now.

All in all I found it to be worth it for me.