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    Sub-2000 9MM or 40 Cal.

    I am planning on buying a sub-2000. Other than bullet energy is one cal. preffered over the other by owners?
    Such things as functioning, magazine prefferance. I know all of the sub-2000 models are hard to find.

    Thanks, R.J. in Phoenix.

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    I would go with the Glock17 9mm model. You then can use the Glock18 33round magazines for a very fun time!
    The next gun is NEVER the last one!

    Whaddaya mean it's not IN stock.......oh brother!

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    Have to agree with Mr. Markster . . . unless you happen to have a pile of S&W .40 caliber ammo and carry a "fotay" pistol, like I do.

    Certainly, 9mm is less expensive and more popular.

    Rumor has it that both function about the same. Certainly, if you are worried about how hard hitting the round will be, you can get nearly equivalent fire power in either caliber. Oddly, I have noticed that the premium 9mm round may actually cost a little more than a similarly powerful "fotay". Finding some nice ammo a couple of years ago is a big factor in why I carry a Kahr PM40, rather than the more popular PM9. YMMV, of course.

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    Thanks for the info.R.J. in Phx.


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