Not enough scope adjustment for SU16B
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Thread: Not enough scope adjustment for SU16B

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    Not enough scope adjustment for SU16B

    I don't know if anyone has had a similar problem, but here goes:

    Last weekend I took my converted SU16B (changed the A sights) to the range. At 25 yards with Federal Match the bullet strikes were touching, but I ran out of windage adjustment with the group still 2 inches to the right of the sight-in target bull. I was using a Burris Compact 4-12X AO in ARMS quick detach ring mounts.

    I am exasperated that the Picatinny rail/barrel combo is that much out of square. I guess now my options are to use a red dot with a lot of adjustment amplitude, or to mount the scope with Millett or Redfield adjustable rings.

    I had hoped to have some quick-detach capability with this rig; I tried the LaRue mount from my AR but it would not mate with the Kel-Tec Picatinny rail.

    I was surprised by the accuracy of the SU-16. It shot as well as my Bushmaster, but I need to face the fact it's a cheap rifle.

    Anyone else have optics difficulties with the SU-16?

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    Thanks bro, you just solved my riddle. I just went through the same drill with a C-More Railway I mounted on my 16B and then a 16C. I had to get up to 10 yards to get on paper to find out I was about 18” high and 10” to the right…at 10 yards! I could not figure what I was doing wrong. The thing only goes on one way, what the hell was I doing wrong??

    Anyway, you just answered my question, Thanks! Now, as to a solution, I have seen mounts that were w/e adjustable, but I don’t remember where. They were fairly pricey though.

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    Not enough scope adjustment for SU16B

    My 16 A has the same problem. I removed the scope and put a hollographic sjght on it.
    That works. Several scopes didn't have the adjustment range.


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