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Thread: Review of RFB

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    Review of RFB

    Review of the Kel-Tec RFB

    I purchased my Kel-Tec RFB last week and I have been to the range twice with this rifle.
    The RFB came to my local store in good condition with a user manual, Rifle and one FAL metric magazine.
    What I can recommend is that when you pick up your new RFB make sure you bring it home and strip it down and clean and oil it well. Besides having and clean rifle you will have understanding how to field strip this weapon at the range or in the field if you need to.

    I did order the lower RFB Hand guard Picatinny Rail so I could attach front vertical grip, which I highly recommend. I also installed a AR-332 Burris scope and laserlyte K-15 KRYPTONYTE CARBINE GREEN LASER.

    The rifle is very well balanced and the overall look and feel is outstanding. During the first cleaning of the RFB I did find a small amount of rust along the bolt, this was just surface rust and cleaned up with minimal effort. At this time I also install the lower rail and this does take little time to get installed.

    After reassembly of the RFB I installed the AR-332 laserLyte. The AR-332 required some spacers between the mounting nuts and the rail to have it tight on the top rail of the RFB.

    The RFB at the range with five different types of ammo for accuracy testing.
    Winchester white Box 147 grain: The RFB had problems feeding this ammo confirmed with Kel-tec
    Federal match 168 grain: Grouping 3 inches
    Remington 168 Grain: Grouping 2.5 inches
    Winchester 110 grain: Grouping 5 Inches
    Winchester 150 grain silver tip: 1 MOA

    The Kel-Tec has a 1:11 twist barrel per Kel-tec . The recoil is very mild compare to the size of the rifle.

    The AR-332 Scope performs outstanding on this platform at 50 to 200 yards with easy target centering and shot placement.
    The laserLyte K-15 during normal day light hours I was unable to see the laser beyond 40 yards on Redfield Target white background.

    If you are reloader most likely you would be able to reduce the MOA to Sub-Moa groupings with this rifle.
    The RFB can be used as home defense rifle or you can take it hunting for any game that the 308 is suited for.
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    very good review. it's good to have first hand reports. I hope you will continue with updates.

    Also, please make a post in the new members welcome thread as soon as you can.

    welcome to the forum


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    Yeah, thanks again for the Range Report. We really need more users with RFBs here. I will buy one when I can find one for a reasonable price.

    domehead, what did it set you back (if you don't mind my asking)?
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    you really have to look around on the internet to get the best price.

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    I have been looking around on the internet, that is why I was asking what you got yours for. I don't want to pay more than $1400.
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    You might have to wait till more of them hit the market to get that price. There may be someone on the internet that may not like it enough to sell it at a loss just to get rid of it, but I doubt that as well. I paid about what you want to pay but I bought mine at dealer cost because I work for a gunshop. Good luck on your search, what ever you pay for's definately worth it. I have now put roughly 200 rounds through mine and it is a hoot to shoot. It's accurate, well balanced and I love the front eject. Dude....get one!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing.
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