Polishing PMR-30 Ramp?
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Thread: Polishing PMR-30 Ramp?

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    Polishing PMR-30 Ramp?

    OK...I love my PMR-30 despite it's many quirks...

    I've had my buffer melt after about 1000 rounds, I've had my assembly pin break in half after about 1500 rounds, and I've had my front sight fly off after about 1800 rounds.

    No worries, Kel-Tec customer service has been great throughout.

    The PMR is just so much fun to shoot, I don't mind dealing with these hiccups.

    However, the primary problem that I have at the range is failure to feed. I've had the best success with CCI 40 gr cheapo stuff from Wal-Mart (both FMJ & JHP). The Hornaday Critical Defense were horrible (FTF, FTE out the wazooo). The Speer Gold Dots were better, but still a few more FTF than the cheap CCI stuff.

    Again, despite my problems with the Hornaday, the main problem that I'm having is failure to feed. I've read about the "limp wristing" stuff and made a concerted effort during my last range trip to keep my wrist stiff. If anything, my results with the Gold Dots was worse.

    I do my best to be very careful when loading the magazines to make sure that the rounds are set properly.

    I have noticed that my feed ramp is a little rough. Far from the almost mirror smooth finish on my other pistols. But, since the ramp is polymer, I've been hesitant to try to polish it.

    Has anyone seen improved reliability after polishing their ramp?

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to polish the ramp without damaging the polymer?

    Pictures of the ramp are attached.

    It, perhaps doesn't come across well in pictures, but that raised dot in the middle of the ramp is raised up from the rest of the surface. I can feel it with my finger and can catch my fingernail on it if I run it up the ramp.

    Many Thanks



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    A polished feedramp works wonders on most other guns, I don't see why it wouldn't on this. Just be careful not to take too much off, same as with any modification.

    I'd go with whatever ammo works best for you... I don't see the point of high priced defensive ammo in a .22

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    Disclaimer: I do NOT own one of these guns. But, I have reshaped a lot of polymer magazine bases with pleasing results.

    With that out of the way, allow me to suggest some 600 grit wet-or-dry production paper, such as is used by automotive body shops, backed up by either a metal or hard wood blocke cut to a convenient width. Stroke in the direction of bullet movement while "polishing". Just taking some of texture off that surface should help.

    Best of luck!
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    Hey if it helps i have one of these guns and it only likes hornaday ballistic tip ammo. anything else is shaky at best. Speer was second best but still malfunctioned from time to time. Still i am with ya the gun is awesome to shoot good luck!

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    I have an updated model with about 1500 rounds through it and have experienced the same issues; FTF, sheared break down pin, polished ramp, etc. It only likes Hornady 30 grain but will still FTF from time to time. It's been to Kel Tec twice and is there now. They've been great and completly re-worked it and polished the ramp but it still has these issues.

    I love this pistol and have conceded to the issues; it seems to be the nature of the beast.

    I know this response is not an answer but I own a lot of pistols and some have quirks.

    Good luck!

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    Take "mr surveyors" advice from one of his recent posts. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I've only had mine for about two weeks and so far the only problem I've had was my own fault.This little baby is very picky about how the magazines are loaded. Take your time and make sure everything it is right. I use CCI Maxi Mag 40 grain and they work just fine in mine. If it's a new gun keep it clean and wait until you have problems before you start tinkering with it. Then work any problems out one at a time as they occur.

    Stay tuned to the forum. There is a lot of good information to be found here. Good luck and have fun shooting.

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    I polished my feed ramp and have had zero problems with FTF since then. My brother shoots my gun and still had problems with FTF. He tried locking his strong arm elbow to help with slide action, and poof, no more FTFs. It seems there are multiple possibilities with the PMR-30 including: loading ammo wrong, using wrong ammo, limp wristing, bumpy feedramp, and the problem I mentioned with my brothers FTF issues. Good luck.

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    Polishing PMR-30 Ramp?

    i just got one today in dallas tx, so i am not going to do anything until i go out and play with it a bit. however with the polymer, i would start polishing the ramp with 1500 grit takes longer but is always my final step with any ramp feeds or trigger jobs i do on other fire arms, i also like 1000 grit, heck 600 or 800 grit would probably work just fine - but i am real anal (ocd) when i am tweaking stuff, it is genetic i think. i really like my dremmel, but have never used on polymer, even at slowest speed, and with jewelers rouge, it just scares me.

    hopefully i will not have to do anything after 500 to 1000 rounds of shooting, time will tell - appreciate all you folks ideas and input on the keltecs

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    now after 300 rounds, i see no reason in polishing the ramp, appears the breaking in period is doing what it should be doing

    at least this is sufficient for my needs

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    Read your manual and the notice flyer packed in your pistol case.
    It specifically states using CCI 40 grain.
    I have not tried any other ammo, so I have had no FTF.
    Molon Labe

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