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    Failure to Feed

    My brother and I went to the range with our new P3AT's yesterday and had poor results. We both experienced failures to feed from the mag. There were no extracting problems, just the slide hanging up. The slide was locking back and we either tapped it with the thumb or had to give it a good jerk to cycle the next round.

    We both were using Hornady hollow points. My brother went and bought some FMJ target rounds and experienced a 50% failure rate from a box of 50. (Can't remember what brand)

    After my first failure, I made sure that a was not limp wristing and continued to have the same problems. Our guns were clean and lubed. Not a good confidence builder.

    Other than experimenting with different ammo, I'm not sure what to do.

    Any suggestions?

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    Because of the steel slide and aluminum frame, I use Shooter's Choice grease in this critical wear area. A little ramp polishing will help make the necessary break-in rounds less painful. Stick with ball ammo until they smooth out. You will find more details in the technical section here. Keep the faith and keep shooting. You probably need the practice anyway.

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