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    Trigger Shoe

    Does anyone use the trigger shoe accessory on their P3AT? I have one ordered, but thought later that maybe I should have asked for some reviews and feedback first. Any views or thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    Just be careful with a trigger shoe. Make sure the shoe is not wider than the trigger guard. If the shoe is wider than the guard, when holstering the gun the trigger can be moved back and the gun can inadvertently discharge.

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    I have one on my P-11.I like it ,I put it on and it fell off after 25 or 30 rounds,then I took out tke scerws out ,put the shoe on the trigger and marked where the holds should be on the trigger,then took a smaller drill to the trigger ,and then a drop of blue locktight on the threads of the scerws and put it togather.That was 2 years ago and at lest 500 rounds .It fits just inside the trigger guard and helps with the long pull.

    PS I don't think I would do this to a P-3AT,orP-32

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    The trigger shoe was designed for the P-11, and will not fit the P-3AT properly without modification.

    Click here to go to a page on Yzguy's web site that explains how to do the modification.
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