Value of S&W pistols?
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Thread: Value of S&W pistols?

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    Value of S&W pistols?

    I'm having a hard time finding out what the value of these two guns might be. I'd like to purchase a Kel Tec and/or maybe an Springfield XD, but would need to sell one or both of these first:

    S&W 4046, stainelss?, 11+1 DAO, night sights, ~100 rounds down the pipe, like new in box.

    S&W 4011, blue, 11+1, DA/SA/decocker, Hogue grips, ~1000 rounds

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    Unfortunatley they are only worth about 250.00 to 300.00 (MAX) for each. The market is flooded now with used Smith and Wesson PD turn-in's. While yours may be in better shape than others the price is still affected by availability. Pics would be nice. Also keep in mind that the price above is if you sell them yourself, if you take them to a shop expect to get alot less.

    I am experiencing the same problem in that I am attempting to sell some Smith and Wesson pistols that I have and it is becoming harder than I expected.

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